Friday, May 1, 2009

Wiki's First Night

Wiki did very well her first night home! Still no accidents, and I'm happy to keep that record going as long as possible. She screams bloody murder when she has to go in her crate at first, but calms down pretty quickly. We went outside for potty time every two hours and she was so good about waiting and then going as soon as we got outside, and then of course being unhappy to return to the crate. I think that part was more painful for me than her; nobody likes to hear their baby cry!

She is quite possibly the most active sleeper I have ever seen. Will have to try to get a video sometime. I have no idea what she's dreaming about, but she looks like she is running and pouncing in her sleep half the time, and attempt to nurse the other half.

We spent a little time with the big dogs this morning. They are definitely overwhelming! Hunter and Echo want to give her lots of kisses, and Hunter tries to play. Wiki started to play a tiny bit, but mostly just wanted to hide behind me. I'm sure she'll get used to them soon, and I'm glad that they are being overwhelming in a loving way instead of an aggressive way.

Wiki has a new puppy exam scheduled at the vet on Sunday, but will probably update with pictures sometime before that. It can be hard getting any decent pics of her when I'm on my own, though, because she spends about half the time snuggling on my lap!



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