Monday, May 11, 2009

Training Progress

Wiki is learning so fast, it is amazing.

She is really great about her crate, except in the morning when I am trying to get just a tiny bit more sleep while she eats breakfast. Tonight, she went in the crate to go to sleep all by herself! No accidents really in the crate. Still having a little bit of trouble with the carpet, maybe it resembles grass a little too much? Mostly she makes it outside in time and gets lot of praise, but I am also pretty paranoid about getting her out regularly. She gives me the saddest look when I force her out from the air conditioned house to the yard, but is then romping around out there happily in no time.

She is doing a "sit" without a treat, and a "down," "crawl," "spin," and "come" with treats. We are getting better and better at those and I am starting to add in "peekaboo" and "roll over" (on grass). She rolls over a lot on her own, but we seem to be struggling with doing it on command quite a bit, so I'm open to tips if anybody has any! She seems willing to do just about anything for food, which makes training pretty easy. It is also great because I am trying to get some weight on her since she is growing so fast that she always seems kind of skinny.

We have been going for a lot walks around the neighborhood. She does pretty well on her leash. Sometimes she zigzags back and forth testing the limits on both sides, but it is really just hilarious to watch. When she walks with the big dogs, she really pushes to keep up and is a great trooper. Something about walks is like a poop trigger because I swear we have not gone on one yet without her going on somebody's lawn; that one is going to have to change as she gets older :P After our walks, her favorite thing is to walk in the pool up to her neck to cool off and take a little drink. She is also learning to use the lickable water faucet in the backyard--possibly more for play than drinking, but glad she has figured it out!

As far as pool progress, she is definitely not afraid of the water itself. She walks into the pool all the time! (She also didn't seem to have any fear going outside during a little rainstorm we had.) She won't swim yet because she doesn't seem to like taking her feet off the ground, but the beach entry enables her to get a good amount of play in the water, so it is only a matter of time before she goes all the way in.

This is Wiki doing a "sit" for my dad's friend and math partner, Heather:



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