Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome Home Wiki!!

Wiki came home today!! She is such an amazing little girl, so sweet and loving. During the ride home, Wiki dozed on and off, had a nice lunch break at In'N'Out in Barstow, then slept some more until making it home. She met Hunter and Echo briefly and was a little shy, but they were very excited and gave her lots of kisses. Then, she met Rennie, who has been surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

While at home so far, Wiki got a mini-bath, played lots outside, and slept lots everywhere. She's very sleepy; puppy life is rough! She loves her toys and playing in the grass, and can't wait to beat me to the pond someday. When she is not chasing after her toys, she follows me around like a velcro dog. She ate all her dinner, loves her treats, and has not had any accidents yet (going to try to keep that going as long as possible!). I'm hopefully going to bed soon since it was a very long day, but I'm sure she'll get her second wind just in time for me to attempt sleep...and she's so cute I won't even mind :D



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