Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why won't she play with me?

Wiki tries unsuccessfully to get Rennie to play with her all the time. It is generally hilarious to watch. Wiki pulls out every trick in her book...bowing and barking and dancing in circles....and Rennie shows no interest. When Rennie gets annoyed enough to try to bat Wiki away, instead of getting scared, Wiki seems to think...great she's finally getting the hang of this...and then Rennie ignores her again.

Today Wiki brought Rennie her favorite toy, the water wubba, and tried to get her to play. I ran back into my room and got the camera so that I could share just a tidbit of it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ear Infection

Wiki went to the vet today for pre-surgical exam since she is getting spayed in a few weeks. They discovered an ear infection there, so she's going to be getting ear drops twice a day for the next week...sure she's going to love that. The vet and I talked a lot about food stuff because he said that yeast infections are almost always food related, but I'm hesitant to go changing her diet right away since I know how much swimming she does...seems likely to me that I just need to dry her ears out better when she gets out of the water. We shall see, though. Most importantly right now we'll just focus on getting them all better! Have to go back for a checkup in two weeks, and then she'll be spayed the week after that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Teething and Miscellaneous, Continued

My poor girl just lost one of her lower canines and has the adult one coming in. Gums are all swollen and I know they must be hurting her. She's been pretty sleepy, so I'm guessing it must be because that makes her not feel too great. Lots of ice cubes and chew toys help her get through, but it's not fun.

Of course, none of this stops her from going crazy with pool time--gotta get lots of wubba catching in! Her first water wubba is pretty trashed. I just went and bought her a new one, and we had some out-of-state guests visiting this week who were kind enough to buy her a squeaky wubba. She also has a snuga wubba from when she came home, so my baby is about as wubba-ed up as she can get.

She also got her rabies shot today; expecting that might make her feel a little off, too. She's going in for a vet app next week and then setting up a spay appt for around her around the time she turns 6 months. Not gonna be a happy camper with all that, but it has to get done. I'll probably have a harder time with it than her.

In semi non-Wiki news, I might be starting an internship assisting with dog training for some local obedience classes. Trying it out this week and we'll see how it goes :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eye Color

Wiki's eyes are changing color and it is very cool to watch. The ring of yellow gets a little bigger each day, it seems. Her mom's apparently didn't change until about 9 months, but I guess Wiki is getting a head start.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Stolen Food Hypothesis

I keep asking Wiki why it is that she steals my food even though I don't eat hers. (She snatched a slice of pizza practically out of my mouth the other day.)

I think I've been looking at it the wrong way...perhaps ALL the food in the world is hers, and every time I eat any of it, I am stealing. Just perhaps I should be thankful I get anything to eat at all :P

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dogs 101

Good, short clip on Weimaraners

Oh so helpful...

I sleep on a pull out couch. This is generally what it looks like when I am trying to take the bed out or put it away. Wiki is very cooperative...

Learning to Catch

Wiki is great at fetching, but lately we have been working on catching. She's getting much better (especially when I throw decently). Both fetching and catching result in lots of keep away and tugging, but she loves it and will eventually stop if I draw the line. (This is good, because she is both stronger and faster than I am.)

Guard Dog

Wiki is a great guard dog. We've been having some work done in the backyard lately and she has spent a lot of time staring outside, supervising, and barking. She lets me know that somebody is out there before I have a chance to see them. I'm guessing that she would protect me if need be, but thankfully she hasn't shown any aggression...just makes lots of noise.


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