Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Picture Update

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted pictures recently enough...so here are a few. Admittedly, they are not all that recent. They have just been sitting on my camera. I'll have to take more soon because things change quickly; Wiki grew 5 lbs in the last week alone!


My baby girl is home from being spayed. She's being a pretty good little patient still; mostly out of it. Still enough presence of mind to pester me to want to go sniff outside and try to steal my socks, but mostly keeping her confined and laying down.

It was my first day without Wiki since I've had her, and tonight will be the first time in months that I will sleep without her in my bed....so sad! Good prep for both of us, though, since I will be in Vegas from Thursday to Monday. Hopefully Wiki will be a good pup and take her meds for her grandma and grandpa while they watch her.

Then the trick is going to be keeping her calm and dry until stitches come out! After that, though, we'll get to go start doing fun stuff like agility classes and dog parks/beaches. Lots to look forward to--just have to get through the next two weeks of recuperation.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ear Checkup

We went back to the vet today for an ear checkup. Wiki was soo nervous. She was spazzing out a bit as we went in and some kid tried to pet her, which agitated her more. Thankfully the kid had a good parent who explained that you always need to ask before petting other people's dogs and that Wiki was scared...

Her ears are mostly better. No debris on the outer part, just a little in the deeper part of the ear, so we're just going to keep an eye on it for now. Next week she goes back to get spayed and then hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

Wiki was so excited to go back home that she actually jumped into the car. (Normally I have to lift her up quite forcefully.)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Tired Weim...

I know everybody says a tired weim is a good weim, but it's really really true. This morning Wiki and I went on a walk for about 45 mins. In the early afternoon she went swimming with Echo and Hunter (her first swim this week...she was very happy). For the rest of the afternoon, she conked out hardcore. It was fantastic because I was behind on work and needed to meet a 6pm deadline. She slept; I wrote. All was good!

Last night was a similar story. Wiki kept pulling weim attention seeking kleptomania, stealing things she knew I would go take away from her. (She has a spot that she runs to when she has something she's not supposed to; even if I don't see her doing the stealing, I know to look when she goes to that place.) I stopped working to do some training for about 15 mins and then she promptly fell fast asleep; I even had to wake her up to go do her ear drops (which she is getting a bit more cooperative about--either getting used to it or ears aren't bothering her as much or both).

Love sleepy puppies!! Oh, and I love sleepy kitties, too. Rennie has just decided to start using her cat house again. I was starting to think about getting rid of it; she must have known and decided to protest by hanging out in there all the time.


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