Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doggy Pleasures: Sleep, Toys, Snuggles, and Paws to the Face

Wiki had her vet visit on Sunday and all was well. She is very healthy, and also very shy. Everybody there thought she was adorable but she just wanted to hide in my arms. It was not too traumatizing an experience, though, because she fell asleep (snoring) on the exam table.

Since then, we've been keeping pretty busy with toys and sleep at home. Wiki spends a lot of her day snuggling with me on the couch while I attempt to get work done (and often smacks me in the face while stretching/repositioning), and then has spurts of insane hyper energy in which she pounces from one toy to the next or collects leaves in the backyard.

We're doing a little bit better with the big dogs, but it is going to take a while...and some growing. Echo and Hunter do not seem to understand how to play with a puppy; they mostly scare her by being overenthusiastic. She tries to play a little bit more with them day by day. I think her confidence will keep growing, as will her body, and they will be able to keep each other busier soon (which will help my productivity).

On the kitty front, Wiki has started engaging Rennie in play. It is absolutely hilarious to watch. She goes into full on crouch and pounce mode, barks, and runs around in circles. Rennie just sits there. She is completely unphased by it, though if Wiki gets close enough, Rennie may walk under a bed or jump up somewhere to avoid being bothered.

Wiki is already doing a thousand times better in her crate. She is getting used to it, and I am also getting better about trying to tire her out before I put her in. We're not going out quite as much at night, not having accidents in the crate, and not making such a fuss when she has to go back in. However, once 6:00 hits, it is all over. Regardless of what time she goes to bed, that seems to be time for breakfast and play. Waking up at 6 is not so bad, though, and sometimes we can sneak in a nap later. This morning, she went out of her crate, walked over to her food bin and sat down. When I told her it was too early, she came over to me, walked back to the food, and sat down again. No mistaking what this little girl wants! (And, of course, I gave her breakfast....can't say no to sych a convincing argument.)

Today, Wiki has encountered the vacuum and the lawn mower. Both terrified her, but with calm assurance and some treats, she made it through okay.

I have been taking videos of her playing, so will try to upload some of those soon!



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