Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Tired Weim...

I know everybody says a tired weim is a good weim, but it's really really true. This morning Wiki and I went on a walk for about 45 mins. In the early afternoon she went swimming with Echo and Hunter (her first swim this week...she was very happy). For the rest of the afternoon, she conked out hardcore. It was fantastic because I was behind on work and needed to meet a 6pm deadline. She slept; I wrote. All was good!

Last night was a similar story. Wiki kept pulling weim attention seeking kleptomania, stealing things she knew I would go take away from her. (She has a spot that she runs to when she has something she's not supposed to; even if I don't see her doing the stealing, I know to look when she goes to that place.) I stopped working to do some training for about 15 mins and then she promptly fell fast asleep; I even had to wake her up to go do her ear drops (which she is getting a bit more cooperative about--either getting used to it or ears aren't bothering her as much or both).

Love sleepy puppies!! Oh, and I love sleepy kitties, too. Rennie has just decided to start using her cat house again. I was starting to think about getting rid of it; she must have known and decided to protest by hanging out in there all the time.


Cooper and Jackson August 3, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

hi wiki! is jackson! big brother and me and my famleeze go to dog park last nite. was empty wen we get there but lossa dogs shows up soon. sombuddy even brings kid poolz for us play in. my never been in no poolz befour. still little scarey. i was tired like wiki. i sleeps for all night. almost haha. and i jealous. daddy not lets me up on bed much. sais i has own beds. lucky wiki!

Melanie August 3, 2009 at 12:41 PM  

Jackson, that sounds like so much fun! Wiki has never been to a dog park yet. She has to get some girly parts taken out before she's allowed there :P I bet she would be jealous of you for that!

Glad you got to try the kid pool too. Maybe somebody you'll get to go swimming in a real pool, or go to the beach. Swimming is Wiki's favorite thing to do in the whole world (ok, well, after eating).

Cooper and Jackson August 3, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

Don't let that kid lie to you. Daddy put him in the pool. He wouldn't even get in on his own. And he got right back out. But yeah, Nana has a real person pool so we are going to go over there, possibly next weekend, and I think Jackson will probably like it. I am more of a mud puddle dog, myself, but I'm gonna try the big pool too! Have a nice Monday.



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