Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My baby girl is home from being spayed. She's being a pretty good little patient still; mostly out of it. Still enough presence of mind to pester me to want to go sniff outside and try to steal my socks, but mostly keeping her confined and laying down.

It was my first day without Wiki since I've had her, and tonight will be the first time in months that I will sleep without her in my bed....so sad! Good prep for both of us, though, since I will be in Vegas from Thursday to Monday. Hopefully Wiki will be a good pup and take her meds for her grandma and grandpa while they watch her.

Then the trick is going to be keeping her calm and dry until stitches come out! After that, though, we'll get to go start doing fun stuff like agility classes and dog parks/beaches. Lots to look forward to--just have to get through the next two weeks of recuperation.



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