Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conspiracy Theories

My parents are off in Hawaii this week, and I am at home with the three dogs and the cat. Apparently they are ganging up on me. Or have all been possessed by demons. I swear, I thought we were all going to have a nice relaxing week chilling out by the pool, but I have felt anything but relaxed.

Echo and Hunter have killed a frog and an opossum. (The latter involved incessant barking at about 1:00 AM.) While playing with Wiki, they knocked down a houseplant on a stand. During fireworks this weekend, they got scared and ripped up some bedding. At agility class, Hunter peed on my foot.

This morning, after I got almost no sleep, Wiki decided to try to wake me up by smacking me really hard in the eye. I felt sick, so tried to make it to the bathroom to throw up, where I woke up sometime later on the floor. I then made it back to my room, which Wiki had covered in all sorts of fun stuff in my absence, stuck her in crate, and passed out again on my bed for a short while.

Later in the day, I looked outside and saw a brown kitty. Then I realized it was my white kitty, covered in mud.

Not sure what they've got left to throw at me this week, but I would be fine with just burrowing in a hole somewhere and not finding out.

It's a damn good thing they are all so cute.


Rgutro June 3, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

Sounds like to need to give tranquilizers to all those animals! Wow. That's some adventure you've had.
We've had to watch our dachshund closely in the backyard, because he's killed a rabbit, squirrel and bird in the past. Because he's overweight you'd think he wouldn't be hungry for them! Kidding.
Hope the rest of your week is easier. Rob


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