Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Update

I know I have been a bad mommy lately when it comes to updates, pics, and video. But Wiki is not a huge fan of me spending time on the computer, so I have been sticking mostly to the basics (email + facebook).

We have been pretty busy. Went to San Diego recently for my brother's college graduation. Wiki was not a fan of the car ride down, screamed most of the way, but was WAY better on the way back. I think the trip really helped her with her shyness. She was totally spoiled the entire time by lots of people who love puppies. Wiki did an amazing job in another house, no accidents the entire time, ran around with her toys and back and forth between house and yard like it was nothing. She got her first taste of barbecued chicken and would probably take that over kibble any day.

Back at home, Wiki has started sleeping in my bed every night. She is a very excellent sleeping companion. When it starts getting to be about bedtime, we crawl up on the bed and turn on the tv. Once she falls asleep, that is my cue to do the same and get as much sleep as possible (still never enough). She doesn't tend to wake me up in the night to go out, but I wake up on my own and force her out of bed to go potty quickly and return. She is so funny, though, and absolutely hates leaving the bed. I can't blame her! Then, we are up every morning at about 6:00. At that point, I do my best to let her run around and be crazy while I watch sleepily from bed until she returns for a nap about an hour or two later.

I recently started some classes again, so we have been spending a lot of our days with her wandering the yard while I do my reading. I have been trying to take her on some walks as well to ensure that she gets time with just me (minus books), and once she is done fighting about putting the collar on, she seems to really enjoy it. She has also been a really great sport about people that want to pet her and tell her how pretty she is on the walks.

Back in my room, she has discovered an excellent little endtable hideaway where she often goes to play by herself or nap. I need to make my way in there and clean it out soon....she carries all kinds of toys back there, and lately has been bringing nature inside as well. I think there are sticks and leaves and bark hidden away, which are always tons of fun to clean up.

We had a little bedroom rearrangement recently because Wiki was also spending a LARGE portion of her day pulling all my clothing off the shelves (I use a giant bookcase as a dresser). Crate has been relocated to fit in front of the botton shelves, and the pajama pants (which are her favorite to munch on) have been put where she cannot reach them. Wiki is not super happy about this arrangement, but I certainly am. (Though, it has been one of those difficult parenting things where you try to scold, but mostly can't stop laughing. Especially when she is hiding under the bed with the pants and has that naughty look that says, "I know I shouldn't be doing this, but it's SO much fun.") She has figured out how to get all her own toys out of her toy box, so I'm hoping that pulling them out one by one will keep her busy enough to focus less on pulling my pants and shirts down one by one.

Hmm what else.....Wiki saw the giant heron in our yard the other day, and I think it scared the crap out of her. I let her out for potty time at 6:30 am but noticed that she had just stopped dead in her tracks. When I walked out, I saw the huge bird and understood why. That thing is way bigger than her, not exactly a candidate for her to hunt quite yet (though she tries very unsuccessfully with the little birds). As soon as I walked outside the bird flew away, puppy and fish seemingly unharmed.

As far as training goes, we are mostly working on the same things. We have sit and down pretty much perfect. Crawl and spin are really great and consistent, too! Bow is definitely getting there. She has a pretty good recall, but we haven't really put that one to the test yet; I only say "come" in situations where I know I can enforce it if she doesn't listen because I don't ever want it to be optional. We have started adding in stay, shake, roll over, and peekaboo a little bit. We also use the commands "leave it" and "off" pretty regularly outside of training, though I can't say I have really spent a lot of time in more controlled situations making sure she knows exactly what they mean, but she's got it pretty figured out in a practical sense. Wiki will basically do anything for a treat, which makes the whole thing much easier and more fun.

I think that's pretty much the bulk of things going on here. Long winded enough as is, and I lack picture updates, which is generally all I expect people to look at, anyway. I need to get an updated weight on her soon, and I'll try to get some pics and video again in the near future. For now, Wiki has come back to bed for I'm going to join in!



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